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Cartons recycling FAQs

What are cartons?

Cartons, commonly known as Tetra Paks, are made from paperboard and have a plastic/wax like coating, and often a foil lining. Cartons are being found more frequently on supermarket shelves and contain a variety of products such as fruit juices, smoothies and chopped tomatoes. Clean cartons can be placed in your recycling bin.

 How are cartons recycled? And what are they recycled into?

Cartons are sorted and baled up with the mixed paper and card, and will be taken to a paper mill for reprocessing into new paper and card products, such as packaging and plasterboard liner.

 Should I remove the plastic lid from my carton before putting it in my recycling bin?

Yes. Please remove the plastic top and place in your rubbish bin. We cannot recycle the plastic top. The plastic spouts on cartons are hard to remove and so these can be left on the carton.