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News archives: April 2015

  • Don’t forget to recycle your lunchtime leftovers

    If you’re popping to the shops for a quick sandwich or salad this lunchtime don’t forget that you can now recycle the plastic container. Read more

  • Time to give composting a grow

    National Composting Week starts on Sunday 3 May – and to help you get started, West Sussex County Council’s Waste Prevention Team have 12 compost kitchen caddies to give away. Read more

  • West Sussex residents prove recycling matters to them

    Recycling is on the up in West Sussex – the latest figures show that in the past year there has been an increase of more than 1,000 tonnes of items being recycled at the specialist Materials Recycli... Read more

  • Recycling doesn’t just begin in the kitchen

    Recycling starts at home, and for most people that means the kitchen. But now West Sussex County Council is reminding residents to look beyond the fridge to help recycle even more plastic in West Suss... Read more

  • Recycling Ron and his remarkable rendition

    A catchy new song to help residents understand changes to recycling collections has been penned by a West Sussex County Council volunteer. Read more