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News archives: September 2017

  • A weekend chore?

    Whether you are giving your loft, shed or spare room a clear out – Make the most of your Household Waste Recycling Site (HWRS) Read more

  • Don’t let your batteries cause a blaze

    Batteries being thrown away in the household rubbish causing a fire risk at our waste facilities. Read more

  • Fly-tipping in Horsham district leads to £1000 bill for Hove man

    Horsham District Council has worked in partnership with Sussex Police to successfully convict a Hove man for fly-tipping items of controlled waste in the Horsham district. Read more

  • Tesco Sells Mini Avocados Traditionally Rejected

    Now, for a limited time only, customers at Tesco will be able to enjoy small, snack–sized avocados, as well as regular-sized varieties. Read more

  • Textiles, They're costing how much?????

    We have done some research and found that we spend £1.4 million every year on disposing of textiles thrown away at home in the general waste bin. Read more